Please help to fix this TB survivor’s crumbling adobe hut.


A visit with the Martinez family and Martha's mother at Christmas, December 2007

Thanks so much to all of you who have helped the Martinez family through the years. This is a family who thanks the Lord for their blessings, even when they are faced with so many hardships. Antonio was blessed with a miraculous recovery this year from TB, and now we’re trying to help the family fix their crumbling adobe house, so that he can have a healthy environment to live in. Please take a moment to watch this video of the family; Antonio, who is still very frail, thanks everyone for their help, and Grecia shows us how their house is falling apart.

Watch video:         video Grecia.3GP

Antonio’s story:

Our good friend Antonio Martinez was deathly ill this past year, and with limited resources, the doctors in Copan had diagnosed him with terminal lung cancer. As Antonio is the father of 8 children, and the sole provider for his family, we were very worried about this family. Please see the family’s video at the end of this message.

We asked for donations so that he could receive better care, and we are so grateful for the generous donors who came forward and supported this family. The family is so thankful for any help that they receive. Despite the hardships they face, they are a very warm and caring family, and continually praise the Lord for His blessings. They want me to thank all of you who have helped them through the years; they are so very grateful.

Antonio’s brave daughter Grecia, one of our latest scholarship graduates, took him on a very long trip to the capital where he could be properly diagnosed at a large public hospital. The trip from Copan is about 9 hours one way, and it was Grecia’s first time travelling that far, with the added hardship of caring for her frail father during the journey.

We were hopeful to hear that he was diagnosed with TB, not cancer, so he had a better chance of recovery. He was very weak, however, and they needed to journey back to the hospital four more times, an 18 hr round trip. The journey was very hard for him, and also a very expensive undertaking. The cost of travel, accommodation, hospital bills and medication added up quickly. The entire family needed to be treated for TB, and so the cost of the many rounds of medicine was very high.

With generous donors, we are able to support all of the kids in this family to go to school, and we’re so proud that through our scholarship program, Grecia graduated this year from nursing school. We now support her monthly salary working as a nurse at Clinica Ixchel, a small clinic in town that we help to support. By helping this family, you have enabled Grecia to help many people in need in Copan!

Antonio’s recovery from TB was an answer to prayer, and also made possible by the generous donors who paid for his entire recovery process. It also underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive TB testing and treatment program in Copan, where there is an epidemic. The program that Andy and I started in Copan,Healthy Villages,  is now working with local health providers, headed by Clinica Ixchel, run by Dr. Maritza Maradiaga, to build a TB program in Copan.

We are so happy to announce that Antonio was given a clean bill of health at his last visit. He is still extremely frail, but his TB has been cured. He will be able to attend Grecia’s upcoming wedding this year!

For Antonio to regain full health, he needs a dry and warm environment, as well as a nutritious diet. We need to continue supporting this family so that all the advances that have been made so far can continue. At this time, Copan is in the middle of their cold, damp rainy season, a time that can have very adverse effects on Antonio’s slowly healing lungs. The Martinez family’s adobe hut is crumbling, as the entire hut is made from mud bricks and has never been repaired. Watch the video and please help to restore this family’s home!

Please help us to raise the funds needed to fix their crumbling home by covering the adobe walls with cement. We are very grateful for any donations. We need to raise $900, which will cover the cost of the cement, which is very expensive, other supplies and for us to hire a local cement layer who we trust to do a great job of fixing this home. The cement will also cover the cracks in the home that harbor the chincha bugs, insects that bite people while they are sleeping and infect them with a fatal illness called Chagas.

Thank you so much for any help that you can give; this family is very near and dear to us, and they deeply appreciate any help that they receive. Please pass this on to your contacts as well if you have the time.



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