New hope for Mayan family

The Martinez family is grateful for your help

A heartfelt thanks to all of the generous donors who have reached out to the Martinez family and have helped them since our letter in January of this year.

Thanks to many caring donors, we have gathered over $2,000 and sent 100% of the donations to help this wonderful Mayan family in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. We know this family well from our time spent volunteering in Copan, and they are a hardworking, kind and joyful family. We have raised funds for their three eldest girls to attend high school for the last few years, but this year there were additional needs as their father, Antonio, is very ill with lung cancer. Antonio has had tuberculosis in the past, leaving him with a damaged lung, and is now suffering from terminal cancer.

Your donations have allowed the three eldest girls to return to school this year, giving hope to their family that they can beat the cycle of poverty. Your donations have also given hope to the family when they were struggling greatly to make ends meet, as Antonio, their sole  breadwinner, has been unable to work. The funds we have sent have allowed the family to purchase food and medicine, mostly painkillers, for Antonio.

We have commited to supporting this family financially from this time forward, giving Antonio the peace of mind that his family will be cared for, and allowing the family to focus on spending time with their father and trying to relieve his pain.

Grecia has worked hard in school, with the help of our scholarship fund, and is now completing her last year in nursing school. Here she is, standing proud in her nursing uniform.







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