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Donate some time to reach out to underserviced communities in Honduras!

“Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.” Martin Luther King Jr.


Contact us to learn more about coming as a volunteer, joining one of our volunteer teams to Honduras, or about bringing your own team. Anyone with a heart for service can join one of these trips, where we focus on much needed projects requested by the villages where we work. Contact us at  with more questions.

cayos feb 2009 991

Trips in the past have included:

-medical, dental & vision clinics

-health education

-AIDS testing & counselling

-supplies for new mothers & midwives

-building projects

-VBS & pastoral counselling

-education projects & school supplies

- art programs for youth & art supplies


-sports & sports equipment

Future projects:

- To build a small library in the two room school that houses all six grades in the Cayos Cochinos. We will provide the supplies, manpower, books in Spanish and Garifuna and establish a lending system that will be coordinated by the students.
-To raise the funds for, purchase and install a new water cistern for rain collection in the Cayos Cochinos, on the island of Chachahuate, where there is no fresh water, resulting in many hardships.
-To work with the villagers in the Cayos in establishing a composting program, using fish waste and other food scraps to grow vegetables such as tomatoes in containers. The sandy, hot living conditions on the islands means that villagers have few vegetables in their diet, resulting in many health problems.

The first photo above shows a group of Garifuna kids who were thrilled to have a Garifuna artist named Luma work with them on a free-standing mural for their village-it was a rare opportunity for them to paint and to showcase their creativity! The next photo shows a team teaching adults & kids in a village in the Cayos how to play volleyball, using the ball and net that the team gave to the village.