Donations needed for Mayan students for the new school year




Grecia with her diploma

Grecia with her diploma


The Mayan Youth Education Fund was founded in 2006, and has helped over 19 Mayan students attend high school in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Please continue to partner with us to sponsor these hardworking students to break the cycle of poverty as they hope to return to school in February.

This year we are continuing to raise sponsorships for four hardworking students;  Marta, Claudia and Miguel Martinez are returning to school, and their brother Saul will now be starting Junior High. Claudia and Marta are entering 9th grade, and Miguel is entering 8th grade. Honduran students have to pay to attend school from the seventh grade and onwards, and the school year runs from February to November.

So many of you have helped to send Mayan youth from the Copan area to school since we started this fund in 2006, and each one of them is so grateful for your help! You can read about some of our proud graduates here. Every cent that you send goes directly to the student’s education, as we are all volunteers helping with this project. The students return to school in mid February, and need to purchase their uniforms, school supplies and pay the school tuition. For just $300 a year, or just $25 a month, we can send each of these students to school for the whole year. See our ‘donate‘ page for info on donating and tax receipts.

These four siblings live in real poverty in the hills of Copan, with a family of eight children and a father who cannot work as he is recovering from a near fatal case of Tuberculosis. These brave kids have been out of school for the break for the last two months, and have been working for low wages to help their family by cutting coffee in the fields for local landowners. This is backbreaking work, especially for kids, and we want to see them back in school this year so they can have the hope of finishing high school and finding better paying employment. Their sister Grecia is a great example; with the help of our scholarship program and her own contribution through working as a maid, she graduated from a nursing program in May and is now a certified nurse who has been working at a local clinic for the last nine months! Grecia also bravely brought her father Antonio for a series of treatments for his Tuberculosis over the past few months; you can read more about his recovery and her graduation here.

The funds that have been sent to the Martinez family this year have changed this family’s whole life! Grecia, the eldest and a long time scholarship recipient, graduated with a certificate in nursing this past May. Thanks to your donations, we were able to send the money for her to attend her graduation, as well as purchase a nursing uniform.  Grecia has been able to find work as a nurse for the last 9 months at a local clinic that we support. Generous donors have changed this family’s future, as this past year thanks to you, Grecia has graduated from nursing school, found employment, the family has been able to fix their crumbling adobe hut, and Antonio has been able to get treatment and been cured from his TB. His health is still very precarious, and this week Grecia needs to take him back for follow-up appointments for his TB, nine hours away in the capitol, Tegucigalpa. We are also collecting donations for help with the travel and medical costs of this trip.

This family lives in a simple cement block hut with just blankets to cover their windows and doors, with a dirt floor and two rooms. They have an outhouse outside of their house, and cook over a fire outdoors. They have a very simple diet, eating mostly tortillas, and have always depended on Antonio farming their milpa, or cornfield, to supply them with corn to grind into flour to make the tortillas. Now that he is so frail from his TB, the family faces an even more impossible future. They cannot make it without our help.


School fees- $140

School supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, ruler,calculator, art, music and wood shop supplies-40$

Uniform (skirt or pants, two shirts, socks)- $40

Dress shoes-$25

Phys Ed. or Co-op placement uniform (clothing and shoes) – $30

Back pack- $25

TOTAL- $300

Why High School Scholarships Change Lives in Honduras

Most families cannot afford to send their children to school past 6th grade in the free village school. Once they start 7th grade the costs become unmanageable, as they must journey down the mountain to the larger high school, and not only buy school supplies but also pay school fees, and buy uniforms. In a culture where families have an average of 7 kids and many have 10 or more, the main focus is just keeping the children fed, and school after 6th grade becomes an impossible dream.

It is even more challenging for girls to reach high school, as most girls are expected to stay home and help their families after 6th grade, or are married off to older men and start having children when they are as young as 14 years of age! Studies show that for every year a girl is in school in the developing world, her chances of dropping out and getting pregnant grow less every year. Girls who are given hope and a way out of poverty by being educated will wait until they are older than their peers to get married and have children, meaning that they will be healthier and better able to care for their children when they do start a family. Please help to sponsor one of these youth today. Their future depends on it.

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