Healthy Villages partners with underserviced  communities  in Copan and the Cayos Cochinos in Honduras to address urgent health needs. We collaborate with local public health programs and Honduran medical personnel to create sustainable, practical health programs that support those who are most in need in each community.

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In Copan Ruinas, Healthy Villages supports Clinica Ixchel, a medical clinic run by Dr. Maritza Maradiaga, a local Honduran doctor who has surmounted many obstacles to establish a clinic to serve the community.

The indigenous Mayan community in Copan, the Maya Chorti, are one of the most destitute populations in Honduras. Their villages are remote and for the most part, situated in areas not well suited for agriculture and far from health care. They experience:

  •  High Tuberculosis rates
  • High infant and mother mortality rates
  • High child malnutrition rates

Healthy Villages has partnered with Dr. Maritza and the local public health center since 2006 to address these urgent health needs.


* We support a dynamic Honduran team of doctors, visiting medical workers, midwives and community volunteers who demonstrate a strong social consciousness for reaching the marginalized population of Copan and the Cayos Cochinos.

* We create employment for local Hondurans, hiring them for our programs and providing ongoing training and professional development.

* We provide comprehensive, affordable, and sensitive health care to reduce infant and maternal mortality, and improve the quality of reproductive health care and education available to women and their families in the Copan region .

*We support and improve training of rural midwives to improve their skills and enhance their role as outreach workers and community educators in remote Maya Chortí villages, thereby enabling partnerships between midwives and health centers and the communities they serve.

*We provide dynamic and sensitive public health education on the topics of self esteem, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, and to provide prevention, testing, treatment and counseling programs for HIV/AIDS in rural Honduras.


Healthy Villages has offered many classes for underserviced communities in Honduras. We always work closely with Honduran public health centers, offering classes that compliment the needs of public health. We have offered public health sessions to women on women’s health issues, to expectant mothers on pre and post-natal care, to mixed groups on general health issues, health talks on HIV/AIDS and sessions aimed at children and their health needs.

We have offered these classes in the mountains of Copan to the Mayan population, in public health centers, in underserviced communities on the island of Roatan and to the Garifuna population on their islands off the Honduran coast. We have also represented the organization COMVIDA in Copan Ruinas to coordinate an HIV/AIDS education fair in the town of Copan Ruinas for World AIDS day.