Nursing School Scholarship Graduate!

We are so proud of our eldest scholarship student, Grecia Martinez! She has graduated from nursing school after many years of hard work. Grecia spent her high school years working on weekdays to help pay for her schooling and attended school on the weekends.

Thanks to generous donors, we have been able to help Grecia with her high school and then nursing school costs for the past few years. Generous donors also helped Grecia to buy the new nursing uniform she is wearing in these photos, and to be able to attend her graduation with her family last week.

Healthy Villages has now pledged to continue supporting Grecia by paying her monthly salary so a local clinic in her town, Copan Ruinas, can hire her full time. The clinic offers many programs to the community, and Healthy Villages has partnered with the clinic to support these programs in a variety of ways. Grecia will be helping to run our new Mayan Community Health Program!


Grecia Martinez at her nursing school graduation with her proud mother Martha and baby sister

Grecia with her grandmother and aunt

Grecia and her diploma




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